Bierock Thanks Crowdfunding Donors

As we enter 2018, the timing is appropriate to thank the people that helped get Bierock off the ground.

Nearly a year ago, we started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise the capital needed to secure a small business loan and purchase our sponsor rewards.

We accomplished that feat, and now is the time to acknowledge the people that made it happen:

Joseph Pritchard

Christopher Keller

Kathy Breland

Adrian Herrera

Jessie and Pete Carriveau

Chris and Misty Carriveau

Courtney Haferman

Josh Gosser

Daniel Sitter

Kevin Bligh

Austin Swoboda

Joleyn Carriveau

Brenda Ortiz

Daniel Shoman

Erik Cislewicz

Adam Vanderheiden

Al Bracco

Stephanie Geisler

Josh Holzbauer

Andrew Grutza

Thank you all so much for your generous donations. You helped make this dream become a reality, and your rewards are coming soon. See you in the spring.

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