Bierock Moving into Madison’s Northside TownCenter

Bierock will be located in the Northside TownCenter.

We’ve known for quite some time where our tavern would be located as we’ve gone through negotiations, but this is the first time we can make it official now that the lease has been signed…

Bierock will be going into Madison’s Northside TownCenter.

We can’t express how excited we are to be part of the up-and-coming north side of the city, immediately adjacent to Warner Park and its baseball stadium.

And we’re even more enthused to be part of a revitalized shopping center, which added a new Willy Street Co-op in 2016, a new Goodwill in 2017, among others. We’ll be immediately adjacent to¬†Habanero’s, our new neighbor.

The precise address is 2911 N. Sherman Ave. See you at Bierock in the spring of 2018!

One thought on “Bierock Moving into Madison’s Northside TownCenter

  1. This is a long way for me to drive. I would like to know how loud/noisy this tavern is. A lot of people are like me: hate noisy loud restaurants. I would love to try a bierock. I grew up in northwestern Oklahoma where there were a lot of Germans and their favorite food was bierocks. I haven’t had a bierock in 50 years and I’m looking forward to this.

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