Bierock Closes Loan Through WWBIC

It was a long day of reading paperwork and signing contracts, but it’s finally done. Bierock closed on its business loan on Wednesday thanks to WWBIC.

The process took months to complete, including putting together a comprehensive business plan and financial projections, but the payoff has been worth it.

WWBIC, which stands for Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation, helped Bierock secure a substantial business loan through multiple channels including the Small Business Administration and the City of Madison.

Pictured in the center is An Nguyen, loan officer for WWBIC, who helped us wade through the process of applying and obtaining a loan. We have a debt of gratitude to An and everyone for their time and effort, which has been considerable.

With the loan now secured, we can sign the lease on a property and continue onto our next steps, which are many. But without WWBIC, we couldn’t have gotten this far.

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