Valentine’s Day Debuts at Bierock

Bierock is debuting a couple new specials for the romantic holiday.

Appropriately, one is sweet and one is savory.

It starts with a Beef Wellington bierock, our twist on the steak dish of English origin.

Ours will include succulent braised beef, prosciutto, mushrooms and shallots, wrapped in a freshly-baked bread dough and complemented by a house-made mustard sauce.

The bierock will debut on Tuesday February 14 and will stay on the menu until sold out.

Will it be on the menu beyond Tuesday? Almost certainly. Beyond Wednesday? Likely but no guarantees. Beyond Thursday? Perhaps. Beyond Friday? It all depends.

Valentine’s Day dessert will include our limited-time “The Pippen” blueberry pie bierock, which is also part of a charity fundraiser.

A friend of Bierock recently lost their dog named Pippen. Pippen loved blueberries. This blueberry pie bierock is being served in Pippen’s memory.

The bierock will actually debut two days prior—Sunday Feb. 12—during our annual Puppy Bowl Watch Party, a fundraiser for the Dane County Humane Society.

As part of the fundraiser Bierock will donate $1 to the local Humane Society for every Pippen bierock we sell for the remainder of the week, including Valentine’s Day, a donation being matched and doubled by an anonymous donor.

So we’ve just about got it all for couples looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day: something sweet, something savory and a loving charitable donation to top it off.

Bierock’s full food and drink menu will still be available on Valentine’s Day, including our 24 tap lines of craft beer and cocktail menu.

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