Hannah Edlén Live from Bierock

On Sunday May 24 of Memorial Day weekend, Bierock bartender Hannah Edlén is lending her musical talents to a virtual concert.

Originating from the bar at Bierock and airing on Facebook Live, our followers will be able to connect to the community they’ve been missing.

From Hannah’s label on Sunday Night Records:

Hannah Edlén is the world’s first ‘One Woman Clarinet and Everything’ band.

This title carries with it a varied background of Music Education, Music Therapy, as well as a lifetime of recitals and orchestral performance. It indicates a wealth of influence that has informed Hannah’s perception of music and give her the opportunity to create ethereal layers of sound by using field recordings, children’s toys, and her arsenal of wind, keyed and stringed instruments. Combining new ideas, new instrumentations, and new technologies with a true sense of childlike wonderment at the beauty of sound is what makes the experience of Hannah’s music truly unique.

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