Bierock Rewards Crowdfunding Donors

instagram-fund-18561610-be0b779ecf76ff54b7954c1a2f5ce7ba-no_text-v1As we begin the process of bringing Bierock to life, we need your help.

Bierock has started a crowd-funding campaign via GoFundMe to raise start-up capital.

Check it out via

Your donation will go towards securing a small business loan that will allow us to lease a property and purchase equipment, including all the big-ticket items like the bar, tables, chairs, refrigerator, freezer, oven and much much more.

We’re not looking for a handout, however. In return for your donation, we’ve created several reward levels that include food, drink, t-shirts, branded pint glasses and much, much more.

So please explore the options and thank you for your consideration. We hope you become one of the founding members of Bierock!

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