Live Music: carisa with Spells & Curses

On Saturday August 20, Bierock presents live music featuring carisa with support from Spells & Curses.

Music gets underway at 8:00 p.m. There is no cover charge to customers.

Headlining the evening will be carisa.

In her own words…

carisa’s music is best categorized as bedroom cafe. It hints at some of her influences, primarily bossa nova, folk, and jazz. Her lyrics are often straight from the pages of her journal and are always autobiographical in some way. She primarily performs music with her guitar but has also been seen caressing a keyboard.

Opening the evening’s festivities will be Spells & Curses, starting at 8:00 p.m.

Coming all the way from New York City, Spells & Curses stops at Bierock as part of a solo acoustic tour this summer.

Spells and Curses prove that despite our past trauma, surviving and making a better life is the ultimate revenge. Thereby creating music to explore one’s “inner space”, with songs that act as a “spell” to enhance the moment or a “curse” to damn it.

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