National Pretzel Day at Bierock

Bierock is confident it serves the best restaurant-made pretzel in Madison.

Feel free to prove us wrong.

Sure, there are other restaurants that serve pretzels made by a bakery. But Bierock is one of the few that takes the time and effort to create something delicious made in house.

So it only makes sense that on National Pretzel Day (Eve), we celebrate this twisted treat on Sunday April 25.

For the first time, Bierock will be serving a sweet pretzel to go along with its savory staple on the day of the event.

Our classic pretzel is buttered, salted and served with a side of our house-made pimento cheese dipping sauce.

Meanwhile, the inaugural sweet pretzel will be topped with cinnamon and sugar and served with a side of cream cheese frosting to dip.

Get one or both, whatever suits your fancy.

Bierock is currently limited to 50% indoor capacity but offers additional full outdoor seating on the day of the event.

Customers will also be able to order our pretzels online at our custom online takeout site at

Technically, National Pretzel Day is Monday April 26. But seeing as Bierock is closed on Mondays, we’re celebrating on National Pretzel Day Eve.

Located at 2911 N. Sherman Ave., Bierock is part of the Northside TownCenter and across the street from Warner Park.

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