Delta Beer Lab October Pop-Up at Bierock

The Delta Beer Lab Pop-Up at Bierock for the month of October is set for Saturday the 24th from Noon to 4 p.m.

This will be the third of three Delta Beer Lab pop-ups to be held at Bierock.

Customers will be able to purchase four packs of Delta’s 16 oz. tallboy cans in at least nine different varieties.


Pre-sales will take place on Bierock’s ordering website up through Friday October 23 with pick-up taking place on Saturday October 24. The site is at

The lineup is as follows…

  • Limited Release: BRN.02 Dirty Chai Coffee Brown $15 (Made w/ Chai Tea and locally roasted Kin Kin Coffee)
  • Rotating Release: IPA.17.3 New England IPA $15 (Hazy and made with a variety of hops)
  • Rotating Release: KSR.01 Kettle Sour $13 (Kettle sour German-style wheat beer with salt and coriander)
  • Limited Release: AMB.01 Amber Ale $13 (Light amber color with a clean medium body, malty/bready, caramel flavor and aroma)
  • Seasonal Release: IPA.11.4 Session IPA $13 (Classic and crushable with aromas of tropical fruit, pine, and grapefruit)
  • Limited Release: LAG.01 Sichuan Helles $13 (Pale Lager w/ Sichuan Peppercorn)
  • Year-Round Release: GLD.01 Golden Ale $13 (Traditional light and crisp Golden Ale)
  • Year-Round Release: PTR.01 Porter $13 (Rich and chocolatey English-style Porter)
  • Year-Round Release: BRN.01 Coffee-Infused Brown Ale $13 (Creamy Brown Ale w/ with locally roasted Kin Kin Coffee)
  • Rotating Release: KSR.06 Blackberry Cobbler Gose $15 (German sour wheat beer with Blackberry)

Customers will want to pre-order to secure inventory. A limited amount of extra beer will be available for walk-up sales, but we cannot guarantee its availability.

As an incentive, all customers who purchase any Delta Beer Lab four packs are entitled to a 15% food discount purchased in house on the day of the event.


This series of events is a first of its kind collaboration between Delta Beer Lab and Bierock and the first pop-up sales location for the brewery.

It’s the perfect opportunity for north and east side residents to purchase beer from the southside brewery without the hassle of extended travel.

Weather permitting, Bierock will have an expanded patio for outdoor dining on the date of the event, featuring more tables and seating and food menu available.

A keg of Delta Beer Lab’s traditional Kettle Sour Gose will also be on tap the day of the event for in-house consumption.

Customers will be able to drink Delta beer packages they purchased on premise.

Bierock is located at 2911 N. Sherman Ave., part of the Northside TownCenter and across the street from Warner Park.

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