Get a Hazy IPA in Madison: Working Draft Pulp Culture

Facebook Live Beer Feature: Working Draft Pulp Culture, Chapter 4

Looking for a good Hazy IPA in Madison? Bierock bar and restaurant has one you won’t forget: Working Draft‘s Pulp Culture, Chapter 4.

In our latest “Beer Feature,” we took to Facebook Live to discuss one of the best new brews in the Madison beer scene.

It wasn’t long ago that Robin Shepherd of the Isthmus tabbed Pulp Culture as one of the best beers of 2018, and it’s difficult to disagree.

It’s one of the new east side brewery’s standards and is still a faithful member of the rotating taps there.

Working Draft is brewing some of the best beer in the city, and not just IPAs, but this is certainly a standout.

Every version of Pulp Culture is a little bit different. Hence, why they name the versions “chapters.”

Chapter 4 uses the same hops as the others in the series: Denali, Amarillo, Mosaic and Enigma. What’s different is they use a new yeast strain.

Pulp Culture is everything you expect in a Hazy IPA and taken up one notch.

Of course, the appearance is cloudy. And the color is blonde.

As for taste and aroma, it’s bursting with notes of citrus fruit like grapefruit but also pineapple.

So make Bierock a destination to sample Working Draft’s Pulp Culture for arguably the best hazy IPA in Madison.

Perhaps you’ve tried the other chapters in the series and this is an opportunity to compare and contrast. Or maybe it’s the first time you’ve tried any version of Pulp Culture at all.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a pint, make sure to do it before it runs out.

Bierock has 24 rotating tap lines, and while beers will return to the lineup, it may be months between appearances.

Located at 2911 N. Sherman Ave., Bierock is part of the Northside TownCenter, across the street from Warner Park.

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