Get Rogue Dead Guy Ale in Madison

Beer Feature: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Bierock bar and restaurant is where to get Rogue Dead Guy Ale in Madison.

In our latest “Beer Feature,” we take to Facebook Live to discuss the iconic beer out of Oregon.

One of the best things about Dead Guy Ale is that it defies categorization.

Rogue themselves call it a Maibock-style ale, which is a little bit of an oxymoron. Maibocks are technically lagers, not ales.

But Rogue uses their proprietary Pacman ale yeast in the brewing process. Hence, why they categorize it as an ale.

Dead Guy Ale is also arguably the flagship beer from the prominent brewer. Rogue might beg to differ, but there’s no doubt it has a reputation that reaches nationwide.

The packaging of the beer itself is iconic with its logo of a skeleton holding a mug of beer.

And being from the West Coast where they’re known for their IPAs, this beer is a welcome departure.

Regardless of how you categorize it, Dead Guy Ale is still an amazing beer. A classic German-style bock.

It has that bready flavor you crave in a malty beer. And it also has that deep honey color you expect in a Maibock.

Checking in at 6.8% ABV, it comes served in a pint glass.

So make Bierock where to get Rogue Dead Guy Ale in Madison. But make sure to get it before it runs out.

Bierock has 24 rotating tap lines. So while beers will return to the lineup, it may months between appearances.

Located at 2911 N. Sherman Ave., Bierock is part of the Northside TownCenter, located across the street from Warner Park.

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