Eat Local, Give Local at Bierock

Bierock is proud to be participating in this year’s Eat Local, Give Local event on Thursday Aug. 22.

On this date, 10% of all sales go to Dane Buy Local, which goes directly back to supporting local businesses.

This event also happens to coincide with the Green Bay Packers International preseason game against the Oakland Raiders.

To mark the occasion, we’ll be having Happy Hour pricing all day long on beers from Wisconsin-owned Titletown Brewing Co.

To help understand why Bierock is taking part in this event, over 600 Dane Buy Local member businesses employ over 8,000  people full time, contribute over 145,000 volunteer hours and donated over $5.2 million to nonprofit organizations.

So stop by on Aug. 22 to support the local economy. Bierock is located at 2911 N. Sherman Ave. in the Northside TownCenter.

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