Bierock Announces March Northside Night

Announcing for the first time online, Bierock will make its Northside Night a monthly event.

Taking place the third Thursday of every month, the next Northside Night is slated for March 21.

Northside residents will receive 15% off their bill from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The decision to make Northside Night a monthly occurrence came during the inaugural event when Bierock collected 57 books for Mendota Elementary School.

This month Bierock will collect children’s books for nearby Lake View Elementary School.

Northside Night is also an opportunity to meet your neighbors as we encourage residents to get out of the virtual reality and into the real world.

Word will be put out on Nextdoor, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and more online platforms.

Bierock hopes to see you Thursday March 21 as we donate to a local charity and meet new acquaintances.

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