Bucky’s 5th Quarter Debuts from Bierock

Bierock is excited to present the Bucky’s 5th Quarter podcast, which will debut live from our bar and restaurant on Tuesday Sept. 4.

Hosted by Jake Kocorowski, Bucky’s 5th Podcast is a sports talk show that will take a dive into Wisconsin Badgers football, including game reviews, expert opinion, fan interaction and guest interviews.

The Sept. 5 edition of the show marks the de-facto season premiere, recapping the Badgers’ season and home opener against Western Kentucky.

In addition to hosting the Bucky’s 5th Quarter podcast, Kocorowski also co-authored the book Walk-On This Way about the history and legacy of the renowned Wisconsin football walk-on program.

The official announcement from Bucky’s 5th Quarter appears online at SBNation.

Bucky’s 5th Quarter is a free destination for Wisconsin Badgers news, analysis and discussion and proud member of SBNation.

Bierock is excited to play host to a show that airs in front of an in-house audience and can be heard live before being available to masses online.

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