Update: From Banking to What’s Next

16680612850_dc91ff7e5e_oIn an effort to keep you up to date on our status and what’s next for Bierock, we’ll be providing a series of posts on the process of what it’s like to open up a tavern and restaurant.

Much of the groundwork has already been laid as far as the mundane details the casual customer takes for granted:

  • An LLC has been formed
  • We’ve obtained a Tax ID number
  • We’ve signed a letter of intent to lease a property in the city of Madison
  • And, of course, we’ve been approved for a business loan

We still have to close on our loan and that looks to be happening before the end of the calendar year. Meanwhile, we’re working on finalizing the architectural and contractual end of our forthcoming buildout.

The most recent development has been choosing to work with Monona Bank in nearby Monona, Wis. for our business banking purposes, including a checking account. We’re glad to have them fulfill our banking needs and looking forward to working with them for years to come and stopping by their closest branch at Schenk’s Corners in Madison.


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